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Why Should I Get an Interior Coat of Paint?

Your home: It’s the center of your entire life. It’s where you go to sleep, to eat, to relax and spend time with your family and pursue your hobbies and interests. It’s the place you’ll spend the most time in. And for that reason and all the others mentioned above, you should be sure that… Read More

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How Can a Power Washing Benefit My Home?

Your home is just about the most important investment you’ll make. A home provides you with shelter and a place to live and to raise a family in. To maintain a healthy and happy home, you might have to put quite a bit of money into it — and work, of course. And one piece… Read More

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How Can a New Exterior Coat of Paint Benefit My Home?

Your home is your castle. It’s the most important investment you’ll ever make. It’s where you’ll raise a family, grow old, and develop some of the fondest memories of your entire life. For all of these reasons and many more, you’ll want to be sure your home is just about the healthiest and the best-looking… Read More

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Trends in Painted Trim: White vs. Color

In the past, if you chose to have painted trim versus stained, the assumption would most likely have been that the trim would be white But if you scroll through places like Pinterest or design blogs, or watch decorating and home improvement shows (Fixer Upper anyone?), you may have noticed that it seems like the… Read More

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The 12 Best Warm Neutrals for Your Home

Unless you elect for a true white, such as Farrow & Ball’s All White, most neutral paints will have some undertones of red, yellow, green, or blue that create either a sense of warmness or coolness. Warm colors — hues from red to yellow (browns and tans included) — advance toward the eye and appear… Read More

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Easy Ways to Update Your Outdoor Living Space

One of the fastest ways to up your home’s curb appeal is by painting your front door a bright and welcoming color. It’s also a great way to try out a bold color without the risk (or labor) involved in painting your entire exterior in a more daring tone. Keep in mind that bold doesn’t… Read More

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Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Foolproof Your Selection! Choosing exterior paint colors can not only be very stressful, but also expensive! The thought of having to repaint a bad color choice is a nightmare! Here are the key considerations to making your selection foolproof! The two most important considerations in choosing an exterior paint color scheme are: the architecture of… Read More

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‘Tis the Season

Buy One, Get One Free (and the one you buy is deeply discounted)   ‘Tis the season to earn a free color consult* when you order a painting job to be completed this winter – and the winter painting job by Mike Jasinski Painting is deeply discounted! First, the color consult: When you order a… Read More

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Color Your World: Issue No. 18

Color Your World Newsletter Keeps You Informed Each month we share with you the latest news in home decor, seasonal colors, and tips on interior home painting. Please share our newsletter with all your friends. GET A QUOTE: 484-554-6207 Fall Color Trends from Interior Design firm Homepolish With the cooling weather, you’re probably spending more… Read More

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Ways not To Get Interior Paint on Your Home’s Floors & Furniture in Main Line, PA

If you are planning on having Main Line interior painting done, there’s some that you should be made aware of. If you don’t want to get paint all over your hardwood or carpeted flooring and your furniture, call in a professional painter for help. When paint goes onto the walls, it also goes onto floors… Read More

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