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A home or business is just about the most important investment anyone could ever make. One provides a roof over your head and a place to go home to every night, to raise a family, to all of your valuable belongings. And the other -- the business -- helps you to maintain that roof, that place to live and grow and store and raise the things you value most. Because your home and business are so important to you and so vital to your day-to-day existence, you’ll want to be sure to give them the best work possible to keep them as beautiful as possible and to keep them around for as LONG as possible. But just work can you offer for these purposes? Quite a bit, actually: landscaping, flooring, lighting, etc. Perhaps the most all-encompassing work you can do, though, is to get a quality paint job for your home or business! Indeed, a quality paint job can offer your home or business MANY great benefits -- but only if you have that paint job done by an experienced, professional painter. And if you live in or around the Main Line area, then the expert painter for you is none other than Mike Jasinski Painting. We at Mike Jasinski Painting have been in the painting industry for some time now, and in all of that time, we have developed the best methods for providing your home or business with the best paint job you could ask for! And indeed, with our top-quality painting services, you’ll be able to enjoy ALL the great benefits that come with a top-quality coat of paint. These benefits include beauty -- naturally. A freshly painted house will, of course, look STUNNING. But a fresh coat of paint offers other, arguably more practical benefits as well. For one, a new coat of paint can increase your property value, allowing you to command a higher price tag when it comes times to sell. Also helping you when it comes time to sell is the increased curb appeal that a fresh coat of paint can bring to your home! If you’re in the market for a quality new coat of paint for your home or business -- plus all of the benefits that a fresh coat of paint can bring -- then don’t hesitate to call up the expert painters at Mike Jasinski Painting today. We have the skills and experience to provide you and your most important investments with nothing but the best, most beautiful paint job whose benefits you’ll get to enjoy for many years to come!


We have a Winter Special Offer that's good for you and good for our community. For every painting project booked this winter (December 1, 2017 through February 28, 2018), Mike Jasinski Painting will donate $25 per complete room painted to Today is a Good Day, a local charity that has touched our hearts. Today is a Good Day supports parents of premature babies, who often face long stays in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), huge medical bills, and many other unexpected expenses. 


But wait, there's more! Our Winter Special Offer provides a direct discount to you of 10% off our regular pricing (i.e., $200 off a $2,000 job, $300 off a $3,000 job). On large jobs over $5,000, we will give an additional $250 off.


You can book your Winter project now and receive the Winter Special Offer!

main line painter

Interior Painting

Where do you go at the end of every workday? Why, your home, of course. And isn’t your home also where you go to sleep every night and, consequently, wake up every morning? And where you cook and eat the majority of your meals and where you spend much of your free time and where you’ll raise your kids and grow old and retire to? It absolutely is. And as these examples illustrate, your home is just about the most central place in your entire life. For that reason, your home should be nothing short of the most beautiful place for you to go to. And just how can you do that? Well, you can get some nice furniture pieces and knick-knacks to decorate your house so that it feels like a home. And you can get some nice flooring -- hardwood or maybe tile even, whichever suits your taste. Might even splurge on some recessed lighting to give your home an understated air of elegance. All of those choices are certainly good, and they will certainly go a long way toward making your home the most beautiful place in your life. But there’s one larger, more all-encompassing step you can take in your endeavor to make your home as beautiful and as welcoming as it can possibly be so that you can enjoy spending so much of your time in it: Painting. You can get your home looking beautiful and KEEP it looking that way for many years with a quality interior coat of paint. An interior coat of paint is just the thing to get your old home looking new again with pops of color! On top of its aesthetic benefits, a new interior coat of paint will also improve the quality of your indoor air, as the new paint job will help cover up the years of dirt accumulation on your walls. You’ll breathe easier, and your home’s air will smell fresher than ever before! If you’re in the market for a quality indoor paint job so that you can begin to enjoy all of these great benefits and MORE, then just call up the painting experts at Mike Jasinski Painting today, and we’ll get your home looking and feeling like brand new with a quality interior painting!

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Exterior Painting

The inside of your home is not the only part of it that’s worth any of your attention. You’ve also got to focus on the OUTSIDE. Let’s face it: The outside of your home is the VERY first thing that anyone will see when they come to visit. It provides the first impression that anyone will have of your home, so you want to be sure that it’s a good impression. But you know what DOESN’T make for a very good first impression? A dingy, faded, flaking old paint job. That just sends the impression that you’re the kind of homeowner who doesn’t give much care or attention to their property -- just lets it sit there and go to pot. You’re NOT that kind of homeowner, though. You’re a caring and careful homeowner who wants only the best for their home, aren’t you? Surely you are. And the best way to both GIVE the best to your home and send the best impression of yourself to your friends and neighbors is to get a quality exterior coat of paint for your home. A new exterior coat of paint is just the thing to get ANY home -- new or old -- looking and glowing just like a million bucks. But beauty isn’t the only benefit you’ll get to enjoy with a fresh exterior coat of paint. Indeed, you’ll also get to enjoy some great FINANCIAL benefits on top of that! And just how is that? Why, by increasing your property value, of course! Oftentimes, a fresh exterior coat of paint can bump up the value of one’s home pretty noticeably -- a definite benefit when it comes time to sell! And also when it comes time to sell, a fresh coat of paint can help you moneywise because it will increase your home’s curb appeal. Better curb appeal: more likely to attract customers. More customers: more opportunities to sell. If it’s a beautiful and, of course, VALUABLE home that you’re in the market for, then you can’t go wrong with a fresh new exterior coat of paint. To get the best exterior coat of paint for your home so that you can enjoy ALL of these great benefits, just call up the experienced painters at Mike Jasinski Painting today, and we’ll provide you and your home with a quality exterior paint job today!

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Power Washing

Power Washing will get rid of the ugly dirt, mold and mildew spreading over the exterior walls and will bring that sparkling shine back to your walls, patio or walkway. This shine will help create a more polished and impressive look to your home or place of business in the Main Line area – one that is sure to make you proud! Mike Jasinski Painting guarantees a quality, professional end result with every Main Line power washing project. We work with just about any surface – vinyl siding, brick, masonry, stucco and much more. Utilizing our Main Line power washing service is a great way to rejuvenate the appearance of your home. It is also one of the steps involved in preparation for a long lasting paint job. Paint will have a stronger bond to a cleaner surface, and the best method to a cleaner exterior surface is power washing. Be sure to contact your Main Line painter at Mike Jasinski Painting today to learn more about our power washing service, and make the most of your painting project.

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Why Choose Mike Jasinski Painting

At Mike Jasinski Painting, we have the experience to deliver the most professional paint job you have ever experienced! And our experience is leveraged with the highest quality materials and a deep commitment to customer service. This is how we deliver the most professional paint job for your home or office. We understand that your home or business is your largest investment, and you need to maintain it with high quality workmanship. Whether you need an interior or exterior paint job (or both!), you can rely on the trained professionals at Mike Jasinski Painting. Here’s how we do it:

  • Step one is always: What is best for this client? We talk with you about your painting needs and goals.
  • We schedule your painting job to deliver the final results when you need them.
  • Our professional painting team arrives on schedule, and handles with care the “secret” to a great paint job – prepping the area and walls to be painted.
  • Every precaution is taken to keep your home, office, yard and driveway clean and neat as our crew works (yes, we wear booties inside!).
  • Our painting team is trained, and of course, equipped with the high-quality paint that will provide a fabulous finished look.
  • We never think one coat of paint is enough!
  • When our professional painters have finished, they clean the area where they’ve worked to your satisfaction.
  • Mike Jasinski inspects every job himself, and reviews the experience with you.

At Mike Jasinski Painting, our mission is to provide professional painting on time and without cutting corners. With our services, you don’t have to wait to enjoy the most beautiful home or business possible. Mike Jasinski Painting is a team of experienced, dedicated professionals committed to providing the best painting work and an overall great experience for you.

If you are looking for a painter in the Main Line area then please call 484-554-6207 or complete our online request form.