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Newly Purchased Home Interior Painting in Bryn Mawr, PA

Realtor Liz Reimel called us out to evaluate the needed interior painting at her new home the same day she signed the closing papers. She was hoping to get the project completed as quickly as possible so that she could move in to her new space. It was an older home and many areas hadn't been touched in years. The maintenance was long overdue. It was important to her that ther cracks in the walls and ceilings and the peeling woodwork were addressed correctly.

We scraped and sanded the woodwork with Festool sander/vacuum set ups to minimize dust. Then we caulked any cracks or gaps in the woodwork. When it came to the ceilings and walls we needed to use mesh tape for the cracks and a good quality primer to seal in any bare plaster. After multiple coats of joint compound we sanded the walls and were ready for paint. Fortunately we had an empty house to work with. By the time we got to the painting things started moving a little quicker. We used good quality paint from Sherwin Williams. Flat white on the ceilings, mild earth tones an all of the walls, and a durable water based urethane semi-gloss to protect the woodwork.

Our professional painting team finished up just in time for the move! Congratulations on the new home, Liz!

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