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Why Should I Get an Interior Coat of Paint?

Your home: It’s the center of your entire life. It’s where you go to sleep, to eat, to relax and spend time with your family and pursue your hobbies and interests.

It’s the place you’ll spend the most time in. And for that reason and all the others mentioned above, you should be sure that your house is just about the most beautiful and comfortable place in your entire life.

And a great way to do that is to get your house a new interior coat of paint! Yes, a fresh interior coat of paint will prove to be just the thing to get your home looking as sharp, as beautiful, and as welcoming as you could ever want it to be — a benefit considering how much time you’ll spend in your home!

But aesthetics aren’t the ONLY thing you can enjoy with a fresh interior coat of paint. Indeed, there are a number of benefits that come with a new interior coat of paint.

If you are on the fence regarding whether to paint your home’s interior, then just read on to understand some of the great benefits that come with a fresh interior coat of paint! Perhaps after reading our quick list, you might find yourself having been swayed to indulge in this minor but VERY helpful expense!


Over time, your home’s looks can take a beating. Between the sunlight that lands and remains in certain spots, the grease from cooking, and general age and life, your home’s walls can begin to look decidedly less than beautiful in time. And since you’ll spend so much of your life in your home, you could find yourself feeling quite down as you look at dingy, worn walls every day.

But you don’t have to resign yourself to looking at worn, unsightly walls day in and day out — not when you can simply cover up the wear with a quality new interior coat of paint. If your home’s walls are looking pretty rough these days, just call up your local painting expert to slap on a fresh coat of paint that will get your home looking beautiful and new once more, helping you to FULLY enjoy EVERY moment that you spend in it!


Again: You’ll probably spend the majority of your life in your home. Thus, it makes sense that your home should be a beautiful place to spend all that time, of course. But your home should also be a HEALTHY place to spend much of your time. After all, spending so much of your life in a place that promotes bad health (or at least DISCOURAGES good health) will lead to a pretty uncomfortable life indeed.

A way that your health can be compromised is if you spend your days breathing in dirty air — and your home can certainly contain some pretty nasty air, as dirt and other such particulates can latch onto your walls over the years. If your walls have become inundated with dirt, you could find yourself feeling pretty bad indeed for much of your life, as you’ll sneeze, wheeze, cough, and feel groggy for much of it.

To help with this problem, just get a quality interior coat of paint! A fresh coat of paint will cover up all the dirt and nastiness that make your walls their home, helping to get your indoor air that much cleaner, thus helping you to stay as healthy as can be for as long as can be! Beauty is important, but your health is more important, and a fresh interior coat of paint will provide the former in spades while keeping the latter in the best condition possible!


It’s great to have a beautiful home, and it’s even GREATER to be sure that you are as healthy as can be throughout your entire life. But you know what else is pretty important? Money. Specifically, MAKING money. More specifically — making as MUCH money as you are able to.

And if you think you’ll ever be putting your home on the market, then a great way to be sure you’ll be making as much money off of it as you possibly can is to give it a fresh interior coat of paint. Indeed, a new interior coat of paint can help bump up the price of your home more so than a dingy, worn-out coat of paint can, helping you make as much money off of your home while also providing you with the great aesthetic and health benefits inherent in a new interior painting!


If this list has helped you to decide that a fresh interior coat of paint is the best thing for you and your home, then you’ll want to call on an experienced painter to ensure that you receive only the best paint job possible. And if you live in or around the Haverford area, then the expert for you should be none other than Mike Jasinski Painting!

We at Mike Jasinski Painting have the experience and the dedication to top-quality work to promise that you’ll enjoy the best interior coat of paint and, of course, the best benefits that come with one!

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