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10 Interior Paint Colors That Will Be Trending in 2019

Interior Paint Trends in 2019

When talking about neutral colors, most people tend to think of gray, beige and brown. Yet the two largest neutrals are in nature: green and blue! The vegetation, the sky, the oceans… But of course!

But what is a neutral?

By definition, a neutral is a color that can easily highlight other colors that accompany it, without stealing the spotlight.

Here are 5 “new neutrals” that will be particularly trendy interior paint colors in 2019.

  • French Vanilla is a cream with a touch of yellow. This subtle presence of yellow has the power to illuminate a room by adding a sense of sun.
  • Hazelnut is the perfect neutral for a room where vegetation reigns. In short, it is a beautiful shade to relax!
  • Ballerina – Interior designers and millennials are crazy about pink now! The rose color exerts incredible power of relaxation over our subconscious.
  • Aqua Mint can also help people to relax. It is not a coincidence that it is complementary color (opposite) to red!
  • Do you have trouble believing that a dark blue like Monaco can be a neutral? Think about denim and how a pair of jeans can match almost anything!

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