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Trends in Painted Trim: White vs. Color

white-vs-color-001In the past, if you chose to have painted trim versus stained, the assumption would most likely have been that the trim would be white

But if you scroll through places like Pinterest or design blogs, or watch decorating and home improvement shows (Fixer Upper anyone?), you may have noticed that it seems like the trend might be changing just a little.
While you will still find white (or stained) trim in the majority of homes, it does seem like a segment of designers and homeowners seem to be gravitating more toward colors like gray and black, or grayed down versions of other colors for a more unique look.

white-vs-color-001For some, the appeal of this look is in the contrast. You’ll notice a distinct difference between the rooms that have a larger contrast between the dark trim and the wall color and those that don’t. It’s a personal preference but, for some, contrast is good.

On a much smaller scale, there are those adventurous decorators who are fully embracing bold, bright and fun colors for their trim. The kind of color that we admire, and love what a day brightener it is (especially on a cold winter day), but would never actually be brave enough to do ourselves.

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